Nazoor A. Baig

Technical Director

Mr. Baig is a retiree from Detroit Edison Company a subsidiary of DTE Energy Company. DTE Energy serves their customers in Southeast Michigan, and had its own Design Engineering, Engineering Research and Construction Departments, and operated and maintained their own plants.

Mr. Baig has worked in the utility industry for over 30 years, starting as an engineer at Monroe Power Plant, 3200MW Net plant capacity, and worked in various capacities including Director of Operations, Director of Engineering and Research, and Director of Strategic Planning for Power Generation and Electric Utility Deregulation. Before retiring he served as VP of Power Generation Organization with fleet capacity of approximately 10,000 MW, and of that 6,500 MW were based on coal.

He is an Electrical Engineering by profession, and has worked in various organizations, including Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Project Management, Outage Management, Coal handling facility with state of the art Blending systems, Business Management, Large Systems Change Management, etc.

Currently he is with HUBCO as Director Project Development, developing a project to install 1320 MW coal fired power plant with a dedicated Jetty for coal import. This project is currently an "Actively Promoted Project" under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative. Along with other management committees to support the base business.