Sep , 19 2017
Closing Rate 115.91

Community Physical Infrastructure

The Company has installed Solar Lights in neighboring villages and a Solar System installed at Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital-Hub to cover its emergency and labor wards.

Pure drinking water is supplied through water tanker to Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital.

RO Plant is being installed at TCF Hubco Campus for providing safe and pure drinking water to the school children. The Company completed construction of sewerage waste water treatment facility in village Poong Narowal which was inaugurated by DCO Narowal Mr. Rafaqat Ali. The sewerage water from village is collected in this facility that spreads over four kanals of land and comprises of one underground tank and five ponds.

Sewerage waste water is treated through biological consortia and aquatic plants. This treatment kills the odor and dissolves solids eventually making it fit for irrigation purposes. The success of this project shall achieve a major milestone in growth & prosperity of this area.

Laraib Energy has also initiated a program to upgrade the sewage network in the nearby village. Second phase of the project has been completed and a 1.6 km length of underground network has been laid for households of the largest village of the area, Lehri.