Aug , 16 2017
Closing Rate 115.87


TCF School

A fully funded TCF School in Hub has been established for the local community. The school currently enrolls 475 students from surrounding communities, Hub and Gadani areas.

HUBCO also provides free-of-cost transportation to the students within 25 km radius of the school, through a transportation fleet of 7 buses and 4 coasters. In addition free school bags, uniforms and books are also provided to all the students.

HUBCO has also converted the entire school on solar panels to overcome the power outages in the area.

Supporting Local Government Schools

HUBCO provides support to 18 local government primary schools in the District of Lasbella by providing free books, school bags and furniture besides some repair and maintenance work in these schools.

We also provide clean drinking water to 8 schools in our plant neighborhood.

Apart from these, two-year Apprentice training is also provided to 14 boys belonging to the province of Balochistan.

Narowal Umbrella Project

Under the ambit of Narowal Umbrella Project, HUBCO supports six local government primary and secondary schools in nearby villages by providing free-of-cost school bags, elementary charts and furniture.

HUBCO also carries out maintenance and repair work in these schools as and when required.

Scholarships and Sponsorships

Scholarships to 40 female students belonging to Province of Balochistan, studying at the Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University (SBKWU) Quetta, have been awarded. The scholarship covers stipend and semester fees.

Regular assistance is also provided to the students of government schools and colleges for their study tours.