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Q- My share certificates are lost / misplaced / destroyed / mutilation. What should I do?

If the share certificates are lost, misplaced, destroyed or mutilated the shareholder must immediately inform Share Registrar/Company through a duly signed letter.

Share Registrar will let him/her know about necessary formalities (such as submission of indemnity bond, newspaper publication, copies of CNIC of applicant/guarantor/witnessing persons and other requirements, depending on the case, which are to be fulfilled by the shareholder). Stamp duty on issue of duplicate shares has to be paid by the shareholder.

In case of mutilation, mutilated certificates would have to be submitted to the Share Registrar.

Duplicate share certificates will be issued within 45 days after completion of above mentioned formalities by the shareholder.

Q- What is the procedure of Share Transfers?

Transfer of Physical shares

Shareholder to submit share certificate(s) with verified transfer deed(s) along with copy of CNIC of transferee to Share Registrar for effecting transfer.

Purchaser/transferee will fill his particulars in relevant columns of transfer deed, sign and have it witnessed.

Transfer duty (@ 1.5% of the face value of shares) to be paid by affixing share transfer stamp on the reverse of transfer deed.

Share certificates lodged for transfer would be ready for delivery/dispatch within 45 days.

Transfer Receipt issued by the Share Registrar to be surrendered, dully signed by the transferee, for obtaining delivery of shares from Share Registrar.

In case transfer is from a non-resident shareholder to another non-resident a certificate to this effect has to be submitted together with Proceeds Realization Certificate for the amount of transfer stamp duty remitted to Pakistan.

Physical shares converted into CDC

Shareholder must open an account in CDS with any CDC Participant (Stock Broker) or with CDC Investors Account Services (IAS).

CDC Participant (Stock Broker) or CDC IAS Deposit Section initiates deposit request in CDS, on behalf of shareholder, after receiving original Share certificates and verified transfer deeds and signed Security Deposit Form from the account holder.

CDC Participant (Stock Broker) or CDC IAS Deposit Section sends physical share certificate, verified transfer deed, Security Deposit Form and CDS deposit request printout (obtained after initiating deposit request in CDS) to respective Share Registrar.

For deposit, transfer duty is to be affixed on the reverse of transfer deed in form of share transfer stamps. Transfer duty is to be affixed @ 0.1 % of the face value of shares. Share Registrar after verifying the documents gives approval of deposit in CDS within 5 days.

Q- What is the course of action if cash dividend, bonus or right share certificates are not received?

In case of non-receipt of dividend warrants, bonus or right share certificate for any reason shareholder can receive duplicates by sending a signed request to Share Registrar and on completion of necessary formalities required by Share Registrar such as submission of indemnity bond, copies of CNIC of applicant/guarantor/witnessing persons and compliance of other requirements, depending on the case.

Q- How do I get my registered details changed?

In case of change in personal registered details for Non-CDC shareholders (such as name, address, bank mandate, zakat status etc.) shareholder will send duly signed letter to Share Registrar mentioning new particulars to update his/her particulars in Members’ Register. In case of change of status to non-zakat able by Muslim shareholders notarized copy of form CZ 50 would also be a required.

For shares in electronic (CDC) form, CDS account holders would write to his/her CDC participant (Stock Broker) or CDC Investor Account Services as the case may be for the necessary changes..

Q- What are the contact details of Registrars Service?

Address of our Registrar is as follows:

FAMCO Share Registrar

8-F, Next to Hotel Faran, Nursery, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S

Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi.

Timing for dealings of counters are::

Monday to Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Friday 9:00 am to 11:30 am and 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

Shareholders may send signed requests through post/courier/or personally come to the counters for their shares related inquiries/transactions.

Please remember to quote the name of security and folio/CDC account number and other relevant particular (e.g. dividend #) in all your communications.