Feb , 22 2018
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Narowal Power Plant

HUBCO is the only IPP to go into expansion and has set up at 213 MW plant at Narowal, Punjab. Spread over 62 acres of land, located 150 km north east of Lahore, the Narowal Power Plant was constructed in 2010.

The plant comprises of 11 generating sets based on MAN 18V48/60 engine, 11 Alborg Heat Recovery Steam Generators and one air cooled condensing Steam Turbine from Dresser Rand. The engines are four-stroke, medium speed, turbo charged and charge air cooled. Each engine has generating capacity of 18.428 MWe while the designed output of the Steam Turbine is 16.45 MWe. These engines are capable of operating as base load plant on RFO. Generation capacity of these engines and steam turbo generator, at ISO conditions, is 213.82 MWe Nett with an average efficiency of 45% in combined cycle mode.