Feb , 22 2018
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Sustainable Development is an instrument of positive change for businesses and continues to be one of the most important aspects of business in the global economy. For HUBCO, CSR is not just undertaking philanthropic initiatives, it is our commitment to operate within ethical framework and contribute to the socio-economic development, improve the quality of life of the local communities and the society.

For us, CSR extends beyond the random acts of generosity. We are actively working towards raising the living standards of the communities that surround us. We contribute considerable amount from our profits towards developmental and philanthropic initiatives every year.

We are active participants in contributing towards the welfare of the society and work with various partner organizations on a series of programs in a range of sectors.

Our social investments are primarily centered on areas near our plant sites with full involvement, contribution and engagement of the community. We contribute 1% of our profit after tax on CSR activities and are managing a series of programs in the fields of Community Physical Infrastructure, Education, Health and Livelihood interventions.