Feb , 22 2018
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Why Work At Hubco

Why work at HUBCO

Our success can be credited to the reason that we consistently attract, hire and retain some of the most talented people in Pakistan to create high performance teams in a culture of inclusiveness, professionalism and excellence.

As we continue to translate our strengths into our business success, the coming years will pave the way for a new performance driven culture at HUBCO, which will be geared towards enhancing our human resource capacity at par with global standards, embarking on a corporate management training plan to develop future leadership from within the organization, and achieving excellence at every level.

Today, our team is emerging as one of the best in the corporate sector, with a culture driven on performance and merit. We follow a rigorous process to find and develop the best talent to prepare them to effectively meet and exceed business expectations.

We take these steps today to build a team that is fueled with the vision of ensuring Pakistan’s energy security for tomorrow and to make the end of Pakistan’s energy crisis a believable reality.

We constantly work towards enhancing employee satisfaction through market competitive benefits, increased gender diversity, a friendly and professional work environment to enable personal and professional development of the employees.

Moving forward, our focus remains on strengthening our team by hiring competent and experienced professionals to work on growth projects and improve sustainability of our base business. We reviewed and aligned our HR systems with benchmark practices to promote performance based culture in the organization.

Performance Driven Culture and Performance Management

HUBCO has undergone a complete revamp with regards to performance management. A new system has been introduced that takes a 2-pronged approach towards elevating performance standards by focusing on goal achievement and leadership behaviors.

The system encourages employees to adopt a blend of both to further organizational aspirations. In parallel, an open and transparent evaluation system is in place which prioritizes merit, and results in a participative effort between the company and the employee to address performance requirements and build a mutually desirable career track within the company.

Strengthening the Talent Pipeline

With a focus on building a skill resource pool, HUBCO has invested extensively in trainings to improve technical and behavioral skills across all levels of management. Training initiatives range across customized programs designed specifically for employee learning needs as well as open enrollment programs with the leading learning institutes in Pakistan and abroad.